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Explore Fresh Afghan food at Sarwari Restaurant! Try tasty Biryani and juicy Namkeen Roast to enjoy the Afghan & Pakistani Traditional Foods

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What We offer?

Discover the rich flavors of Afghanistan and Pakistan at Sarwari Restaurant. Our culinary haven brings you traditional dishes crafted with passion and authenticity. From aromatic Kabuli Pulao to succulent Seekh Kebabs, savor the essence of these vibrant cultures. Join us for an exquisite dining experience at

Our Best & Delicious Foods

Our restaurant is a celebration of rich culinary traditions, offering a delectable array of authentic Afghan and Pakistani dishes that have been cherished for generations.


It’s a delicious veggie dish with a unique blend of flavors.


It’s a yummy mix of tasty rice, tender meat, and amazing spices.

Chicken Roast

Chicken is cooked to perfection, bringing delightful flavors to your plate.

Chawal Choley

It’s a delightful combination of rice and chickpeas, seasoned to perfection.


Try our Daal—a perfectly cooked, wholesome delight in every bite.

Fried Fish

It’s a crispy and delicious seafood delight that will tantalize your taste buds.


It’s a flavorful dish prepared in a traditional wok for your.

Mazgi Roast

It’s a savory dish, expertly prepared to perfection, offering a delicious taste.

Chicken Soup

It’s a warm and comforting bowl, filled with tender chicken and flavorful broth.

Ricey Roast​

Try our Ricey Roast! It’s a flavorful delight that’ll make your taste buds happy.

Mixed Ricey

It’s a tasty blend of assorted flavors, offering a delightful twist to your dining experience.

Mince Potate

It’s a delightful dish featuring minced meat and potatoes, seasoned to perfection for a tasty treat.

Namkeen Rosh

Savor our Namkeen Rosh—a savory delight brimming with Afghan and Pakistani flavors!

Qabuli Pulav

Enjoy our Qabuli Palau! It’s a delectable Afghan dish featuring fragrant rice, tender meat, and flavorful spices for a delightful culinary experience.


It’s a delectable dish with tender meat and flavorful broth, offering a taste of traditional Afghan and Pakistani cuisine.

Rice Pudding

Delight in our Rice Pudding! It’s a creamy and sweet treat, carefully crafted for a comforting and indulgent dessert experience.


Try our Qategh! It’s a sweet delight, a delectable pastry that will satisfy your sweet cravings with its unique flavors.


Indulge in our Sherbirinj! It’s a delightful rice pudding, sweetened to perfection, offering a taste of traditional Afghan and Pakistani sweets.

Ricey Roast

Enjoy our Ricey Roast! It’s a flavorful dish with roasted goodness, bringing joy to your taste buds in every bite.


Savor our Spinach! It’s a nutritious and delicious green delight, prepared to perfection for a wholesome dining experience.

Protein Meal

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Our Customer Reviews

Sarwari Restaurant
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Ritesh RanjanRitesh Ranjan
06:23 15 Nov 23
Excellent food, great service!
jafar Ayyamijafar Ayyami
03:08 08 Nov 23
I got a bindi today for the first time.Everything was perfect.Thanks.
Sher AliSher Ali
13:01 25 Oct 23
Muhammad HashimMuhammad Hashim
06:01 11 Oct 23
05:32 11 Oct 23
Nice Afghan Food, delicious and large plate
Jamsheed AliJamsheed Ali
05:32 01 Jul 23
Delicious food. The restaurant is a bit hidden for one that serves such amazing food. The lamb shanks and the roast chicken were both juicy, tender, falling off the bone and melt in your mouth. The spinach and chickpeas were delicious. Even the tea was awesome with hint of cardamom and mint. Loved the food. Will visit again. Highly recommend.
Ahnaf RAhnaf R
04:24 07 Apr 23
Loved this spot! Hidden away gem that I'm sure many would not know exists. If you're in Dandenong or visiting Melbourne, definitely worth a stop over for lunch, dinner or iftaar as I had done. Yes it's halal. Service was great, the food arrived within 2 mins of order. Would definitely go back.
Abed Abu ShmaisAbed Abu Shmais
11:11 20 Mar 23
This place serves Halal meat.I tried the Qategh; Roasted shanks served with pulav and spinach. Super tasty
Hasan JubaerHasan Jubaer
01:03 12 Jan 20
The food was very tasty. Especially the lamb was so tender and juicy, perhaps one of the best lamb preparations I had ever eaten. I can also recommend their biriyani. However the best dish they have, to my opinion, is the chicken Karahi with Nan (a huge one).Their price is so competitive and the portions are extremely generous. Perhaps the best Afghani food in terms of price taste ratio of the town.The staff were extremely friendly. The owner came quite a few times to ask whether everything was alright. They even offered us a free salad. So I was extremely motivated to give them a five star. However the thing that really put me off occurred during the payment. They insisted so hard on cash payment that they downright lied to our face that the card reader was broken. When we emptied our pockets (cash) and we're still a couple of dollars shy and hence were looking for an ATM, they then allowed us to pay the difference by card. Therefore, I'm deducting one star.Having said that, in terms of food, definitely a recommendation!
Sheeraz HasanSheeraz Hasan
18:05 28 Jan 19
Food. 5/5Customer Service 5/5Atmosphere 2/5Food was good. Fresh and tasty. Only problem i had was it was sooo hot inside. The airconditioner was not even working. This made us finish the food fast so we can leave. We all started sweating. It was 35 degrees outside.Recommended to try and i hope they can get these things right.