About us

Sarwari Restaurant is located in the heart of Melbourne known as Dandenong, one of the places where many multicultural citizens live. Sarwari Restaurant’s food is based on the traditional food of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Qabuli Palaw is a northern Afghan dish, consisting steamed Basmati Rice mixed with carrots, Lamb and well cooked raisins. Qabuli Palaw is also a popular dish in other countries such as Saudi Arabia where it is known as Roz Bukhari meaning “Bukharan rich”. 

Biryani is one of the very populated food amongst South Asian mixed rich dish with many spices with its origins among muslims of Indian subcontinent and Pakistan. The word biryani is derived from the Persian language. Based on a theory the word Biryani is originated from “birinj”, the Hazaragi and Persian word for rice.

Sarwari restaurant has brought the taste of home back to the modern countries with many combination, reaching out to many customers’ needs. The restaurant has two separate area where families, couples and singles could come. One of the areas is especially made for men where only men could sit and have their breakfast, lunch or dinner, and the other area is made for families and couples where they could find comfort while eating.

One of the main goals of Sarwari Restaurant is to provide full customer satisfaction and fulfil their needs. We aim to provide the fastest service i.e. providing your orders in less than 10 minutes.

As for payment, every 10 cents goes for “”DONATIONS”” for poor families in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We try to educate the poor people that can’t afford the fee for their education. and pay their fees so that they can get educated and have a decent job. Hence, this will lead them to reach out to other poor people around South Asian countries. Other donations such as oil, flour, water and many essentials of food are given to single mothers whose husbands have died during the Hazara genocide in Afghanistan and Pakistan.